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Finborough Theatre, Mar 2022

Written by Sophie Swithinbank

Directed by Matthew Iliffe

Set and Costume Design by Natalie Johnson

Lighting Design by Ryan Joseph Stafford

Sound Design by Mwen

"Director Matthew Iliffe’s nimble traverse-staging sports a monolithic see-saw set, that is perhaps a metaphor for the balance of power that constantly shifts between the two characters." - The Stage

"The see-saw which spans the width of the traverse stage in Natalie Johnson’s simple set design could be a metaphor for the progression of the play, as laddish comedy and visceral drama vie for supremacy." - The Reviews Hub

"Director Matthew Iliffe sets the scene on a large seesaw designed by Natalie Johnson. It takes up the length of the traverse stage, becoming a symbol of the precarious balance between childhood and adulthood." - Broadway World

"The first thing we see is Natalie Johnson’s deceptively simple stage design; a see-saw platform set between two banks of spectators, and a metaphor for the whole experience. Two schoolboys  –  year 10s – stand precariously on either end, battling each other to be in control of the sway, and neither child nor adult in this improbable playground." - Everything Theatre

Photography by Ali Wright

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