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John & Jen

Southwark Playhouse, Aug 2021

Bray Productions

Directed by Guy Retallack

Set and Costume Design by Natalie Johnson

Lighting Design by Andrew Exeter

Sound Design by Andrew Johnson

"Despite this, Natalie Johnson’s set design is charming and evocative, situating the action within the comforting confines of the loft of John and Jen’s family home. Boxes labelled ‘1985’, ‘1995’, ‘2003’ are piled high, a boyband poster adorns the wall and dusty family photo albums are stacked on a shelf. It is a room of memories and evidence of lives intimately bound together." - The Stage

"Guy Retallack’s gorgeous production, in a superb and evocative attic set by Natalie Johnson..." - Mark Shenton

"Natalie Johnson’s set is simultaneously cramped and expansive, a naturalistically cluttered backdrop packed with boxes and lovingly detailed detritus of a suburban American life from 1980 to the present, a fit for the intimacy of the venue." -

Photography by Danny Kaan

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