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Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, May 2018

Directed by Gemma Bodinetz

Set and Costume Design by Natalie Johnson, Molly Lacey Davies and Jocelyn Meall

Lighting Design by Kay Haynes

"The production makes us aware of the costumes they both wear: her delicacy and femininity, his masculinity."  The Stage


"Molly Lacey Davies, Natalie Johnson and Jocelyn Meall's set design has to be commended. Between Othello's rampant and jealous moments, the design is stripped back, allowing the acting to take centre stage. Most notably, the act performed with the translucent ivory bed canopy symbolises the ever-faithful Desdemona, but also acts a barrier to the outside, notifying that for her death is imminent."  Liverpool Echo


"Designers Molly Lacey Davies, Natalie Johnson and Jocelyn Meall managed to transform the stage for the final scene: a translucent canopy hanging from the ceiling surrounds the white bed. This picturesque setting contrasts the action playing out on stage, while emphasising Desdemona's purity."  Broadway World

Photography by Jonathon Keenan

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