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The Rage of Narcissus

Tangram Theatre and The Pleasance Theatre

The Pleasance Theatre, London, Feb 2020

Written by Sergio Blanco

Directed (and translated) by Daniel Goldman

Designed by Natalie Johnson

Lighting and AV Design by Richard Williamson

"This well-judged restraint is echoed in the show’s understated design. Natalie Johnson’s set places the unfolding narrative in a featureless hall of mirrors with a floor as polished and reflective as a still pool. As Crane paces and jogs about the space, his multiple reflections stand in for other characters, stalking, circling and observing him." - The Stage

"Designer Natalie Johnson cleverly creates a three-walled mirrored box for Sam Crane … such that we are both brought into the mise-en-abyme nature of the story’s ‘structure’ and see ourselves narcissistically whenever the house lights are up." - London Theatre 1 

Photography by Ali Wright

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